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Mega Hackathon Submissions

Dear Participants, Submissions close at 2 pm EST. Less than 45 minutes away. Submit your projects using:MEGA Hack 2022: A friendly hackathon focusing on the United Nation's 17 goals, aiming to improve human development. - Devpost   Regards, Agni Rajinikanth Mega Hackathon League Founder

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Submissions close soon

Dear Participants, Here are the submission guidelines:
1. Project Slides Presentation(Required)
2. Choose Either or:
    a. Business Plan(Problem Statement, Idea Description, Market Research, Competitive                  Research, Pricing Structure)      b. Coded prototype project(github link, and prototype demo)  3. Video Pitch(Optional)
Attached below is the rubric for the project: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VztwnhpNOp9OwX1Ei1Z6eikVVkd7ROEiGe9a6R-kRGQ/edit?usp=sharing   Remember all projects are due at 2 pm EDT today. To submit a project you must visit: https://mega-hack-2022-spring.devpost.com/
If you need any help with submissions, please contact us through email or discord.  We will host an open gathertown session today from

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Topics Announced

  Dear Participants, Topics are announced: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1QoXAWRQij9EJOv3Pm7jjYpTTkNsg878bMFJzl3sux80/edit?usp=sharing Hacking official starts at 2pm EST but feel free to brainstorm ideas, finalize your topic, research, ask questions and look prepare before the timing officially starts.   Please join our discord channel for more updates. Submission requirements will be provided at 2 pm EST. https://discord.gg/mSeFjbdTpS Regards, Agni Rajinikanth Mega Hackathon League Founder

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Event is Tomorrow (Join Discord Link to get updates and confirm registration)

Hello Participants!

The MEGA Hackathon will officially begin tomorrow, April 1st 2022! The opening ceremony will be live-streamed on YouTube at 5:30 P.M EST. A link will be sent out 30 minutes in advance.

Join our discord for the opening ceremony link and updates during the hacking period: https://discord.gg/cfd6m8pg

Good luck!

The MEGA Hackathon League 

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Hello Participants!

This is a reminder to sign up on the Jotform if you have not already; it is required for participation in the hackathon. It can be found on our site, megahack.tech


Max & the MEGA Hackathon League



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post on the discussion forum.