Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and Rules may lead to a disqualification and removal from the hackathon.

MEGA Hack 2022 Rules

  • No development may start before the actual date and time of the event. Any teams that violate this rule will be automatically disqualified. The first line of code should be written on or after Saturday, April 2 2022 at 2 pm. However, we encourage you to brainstorm ideas and create wireframes/mockups via Discord or any other platform.

  • Any software development tools, IDE, and/or programming language can be used for the event. If a team member used a purchased tool licensed to him or her and the license is not transferable to other members, the member’s team must choose one available to all developer teams.

  • To ensure a level field for all contestants, all code must be created only at the hackathon. You are permitted to use publicly developed and openly licensed API’s for your project.

  • Project design/assets can be created prior to the start date of the hackathon. All assets should conform to the Creative Commons License agreement standard or are freely available and you have permission or license to use them.

  • A team (maximum 5 members) can submit only one entry for the hackathon. An individual cannot be on more than one team.

  • A team may not code applications that violate the code of conduct. For instance, Racially insensitive ideas for an application will automatically be disqualified.


Code of Conduct:

  • Be Kind. Please treat all other hackers with the respect they deserve. Any form of hate crime, such as discrimination, harassment, homophobia, racism is strictly prohibited.

  • Be Professional. An environment where anyone feels uncomfortable, pressured, or threatened will never be productive. 

  • Be Respectful. Please treat our sponsors, organizers, and judges with the utmost respect. Without them, nothing would be possible.

  • Speak Up. If at any point you see a fellow hacker being harassed, please talk to the nearest hackathon organizer.